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The Creator: Humanity's Final Hope

The Creator poster

From the creator of Star Wars: Rouge One comes Gareth Edwards' Sci-Fi Indie Adventure, 'The Creator,' a visual experience phenomenally portraying the future of humanity and artificial intelligence. Aspiring by the greats such as Steven Spielberg, Edwards taught himself VFX at home and eventually went to film school to pursue his passion. His dedication to his craft soon turned into doorbuster films like Godzilla (2014) and, landed him a spot with Lucasfilm's to spearhead the spectacle that is Rouge One (2016), raking in over one billion dollars in box office sales in two years.

The Creator shows the viewer a futuristic Vietnam in 'New Asia' where the U.S. is waging war, once again, fortunately against the timely threat of AI, which some of us nowadays may see as a concern. The invasion of Vietnamese villages, soldiers kicking down helpless mothers and holding guns to puppies' heads (yea), and napalming innocent natives across the entire Eastern Hemisphere, showing the might of America, gave the message the U.S. hadn't learned from their last battle with Vietnam. 

The Creator 1
John David Washington as Joshua in 20th Century Studios' THE CREATOR. Photo by Oren Soffer. © 2023 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Edwards casts John David Washington (son of Denzel Washington and star of "BlacKkKlansman") as war-torn Joshua, an undercover agent on orders to locate a highly advanced artificially intelligent weapon, which he soon learns takes the form of a 6-year-old girl, which he names Alphie (introducing Madeline Yuna Voyales). With Alphie being the key to Joshua's escape, he goes AWOL with the robot to destroy the NOMAD-, whose sole purpose is to survey above and bomb innocent civilians. I got Golden Child (the movie with Eddie Murphy & J.L Reate about an All-Powerful Asian child who desperately needs protecting) vibes, which I loved.

The Creator 2
A scene still from 20th Century Studios’ THE CREATOR. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studios. © 2023 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

The honor of experiencing the film in iMax, definitely enhanced Edwards' already phenomenal VFX work, with music curated by Hanz Zimmer, this film is riddled with heavy hitters that Gareth knew would serve the movie's storytelling well. Combined with a very diverse casting beautiful scenery, and unexpected turns at almost every corner, Edwards has, in my opinion, wonderfully portrayed the possible future of humanity and artificial intelligence and the importance of understanding, not just each other, but more importantly ourselves.



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