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Spin Bin Magazine

Dedicated to promoting the undiscovered,

Dedicated to promoting YOU

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Spin Bin Mag

Made to promote new, undiscovered talent across all platforms of entertainment media.


Featuring new social entertainment monthly. Music, videos, podcasts, and media blogs looking for prime-time recognition and a growing fan base.

Spin Bin Magazine was conceived to support undiscovered artists and entertainment content across all genres. Our mission is to champion the emerging voices of the new media generation. From music to podcasts, videos, and blogs, we offer a platform for you to explore, engage with, and share.

Our team comprises ordinary individuals like you—ones who are weary of endless scrolling without finding content that resonates. We share big dreams and aspirations, and we're here to elevate your voice.

Join us as we raise the standard and illuminate your talent. Show the world your potential and realize your aspirations.

Are you a content creator aiming to break through? Spin Bin presents our March Promo Madness Contest. Submit your work to be featured weekly and potentially become the next big thing in music. Reach out to our team now and showcase your talent!

What We Are About


At Spin Bin Mag, our team is dedicated to spotlighting the emerging voices in media. Our mission is to empower the underground to bring awareness to those who work hard and thrive.


Our goal is to realize the aspirations of both our team and those we promote. We aim to grow our business by empowering everyone to elevate and extend their abilities beyond what they thought possible.


Our community is made up of diverse individuals who express themselves through various forms of art and media. The Spin Bin Mag team aims to shine a spotlight on anyone seeking recognition from the new generation.

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