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AL-Malik Music: Whatever it Takes!

AL Malik 1

The infamous LaGarrious Taylor, better known as Al-Malik, has made his way onto the SpinBin scene, with his powerful music and messages. Al-Malik is not just a rapper; he's a voice for truth and change, delivering his message whether he's performing on a concert stage or speaking from a politician's podium. Coming in from Greenville Mississippi, beginning his story as a musician/entrepreneur in Memphis Tennessee, and now making waves down in Florida, the self-proclaimed King of Kings is committed to making a stand for his community.

His journey from the heart of Memphis to the sunny streets of Florida spreading awareness and advocating for his people through his art. With each song, Al-Malik brings truth and purpose to the track, striving to uplift and inspire those around him.

Music with a Message

Moment of Truth

In 2020 AL-Malik dropped his EP Moment of Truth, a mixtape that speaks on various topics of personal struggles and societal issues of the time.

Through raw and honest storytelling, Al-Malik opens up about his own experiences and the challenges faced by his community, making it clear that his music is a platform for truth and change. The release of "Moment of Truth" marks a pivotal moment in his career, signaling his unwavering determination and the fact that there's no turning back for him now.

Black Magic

One of the most uplifting tracks in Al-Malik's collection is "Black Magic." This song radiates positivity and celebrates the deep bonds of love and unity that he shares with his family, his team, his supporters, and his heritage. His passion and gratitude show through every verse, making "Black Magic" a truly uplifting and empowering track that values the importance of connection and heritage.

Hood Olympics

"Hood Olympics" is a very powerful single, where Al-Malik confronts the harsh realities of life in the hood and the prison system drawing from his own firsthand experiences. In this track, he draws a thought-provoking comparison between serving a jail sentence and running a marathon, highlighting the harsh nature of both.

Through Hood Olympics, Al-Malik continues to use his music as a powerful tool for storytelling and social justice, as the ones who listen understand the reality.

AL Malik 2

A Man-of-all-Trades

Al-Malik, handles multiple ventures with finesse alongside his rising music career. Not only does he create and perform music, but he also manages the merch for his brand, Making sure his fans are up to date with the latest gear. Beyond the music scene, he runs a signature catering business called A Taylor'd Dish. On top of that, he owns and operates Taylor'd 2 U Security, a personal security service dedicated to providing top-notch protection.

With a variety of food to-go, when you’re hungry just call A Taylor’d Dish! With pickup and delivery there is no reason to grab fast food with A Taylor'd Dish at your fingertips. Contact them through Instagram or Facebook for some amazing food!

Taylor'd 2 U Security

Stay connected with Al-Malik by following him on his social media platforms @iam.al_malik, where he shares updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and engages with his fans. Whether you're looking for the latest news, exclusive content, or just want to keep up with his journey, his social media channels are the place to be. Don't forget to tune into Al-Malik's music on all streaming platforms to stay up to date with his latest releases. By following him online and streaming his music, you'll be the first to know about new projects, upcoming shows, and all things Al-Malik. Join the community and be a part of his evolving fan base as he continues to make waves in the music industry.



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