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'Be the Rapper' Call of the Conscious Creators

Be the Rapper 1

In the heart of the conscious hip-hop universe, Ian Delia at SpinBin Magazine got to have a chat with the one who has been making an impact on the scene, Be the Rapper. As the beat drops and lyrics unfold, join us as we peel back layers of passion, and raw drive that fuels this modern artist's rise in the rap landscape.

'Be' and his Being

From the beginning of every lyric to the end of his bar, the conscious artist, Be the Rapper, finds his inspiration in his unwavering and devoted fanbase. With a connection that transcends the spotlight of TikTok, Be's genuine appreciation for his loyal supporters is compassionate in every interaction, both online and off.

To Be it's not just about the music for him; it's about the shared journey with those who resonate with his music and his message. Be's love for his fans shines through in his efforts to engage and connect.

Be You Be True

Be the Rapper's journey into the world of music was marked by a relentless drive for self-expression. Emerging from his hometown in Indiana, he embarked on a path that would ultimately reshape his life. With little more than a notebook filled with verses and a burning desire to share his stories, Be ventured into the music scene taking TikTok by storm.

These humble beginnings laid the foundation for his career, teaching him the power of connection through rhythm and rhyme. Through tireless dedication and an unshakable belief in his message, Be began to gain a loyal following. Word of his raw talent spread like wildfire, attracting not just listeners, but a community that resonated with the realism he brought to the mic.

A turning point in Be's career holds the Lotus Gathering high on the pedestal, an unassuming gig at a peace retreat in Florida is where Be found himself face-to-face with an unexpected opportunity that would redefine his relationship with music and his place in the industry. The audience swayed to the rhythm of his verses drawn in by the raw energy and unfiltered emotion that Be exuded on stage.

A Passionate, Conscious Mind

Be the Rapper 2

The conscious artist with a full spectrum approach to his craft, goes beyond the usual ways of music-making, by infusing his songs with a unique healing touch.

Guided by the belief that sound and intention are powerful conduits for healing, Be the Rapper crafts each song with a deliberate focus on positive energy. By that, he leaves out topics that most rap goes by, women, money, and drugs.

Drawing from his spiritual journey, he integrates the practice of Reiki into his musical creations, transforming his art into soothing energy and emotional rejuvenation.

How Reiki is used in Be's Music

Recognizing the impact that music has on the human psyche, Be the Rapper skillfully weaves Reiki principles into his melodies, harmonies, and lyrics, creating an auditory experience that resonates not only with the ears but also with the spirit.

Impacting the Industry

Be the Rapper stands as a transformational force within the music industry. Reshaping the very landscape of conscious rap/hip-hop and leaving a mark on the genre. With his thought-provoking lyrics and socially conscious messages, he challenges the status quo and encourages listeners to think beyond the surface of the beat.

Through his music, Be navigates complex issues humans face, shedding light on subjects often swept under the rug. This fearless approach has not only earned him his spot in the music industry but has also pushed the boundaries of what rap/hip-hop can represent.

Be's Releases

Be the Rapper Album

Song: Starseed Awakening

The magic of "Starseed Awakening" extended far beyond its creation, as it struck a chord with Be's fans. The song swiftly gained traction, not only on traditional music platforms but also on TikTok, where its lyrics and melody sparked a viral trend.

"Starseed Awakening," a beacon of Be the Rapper's artistic journey, holds a special place in his heart. The song's ethereal blend of reflective verses and cosmic beats tells Be's inner journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. The lyrics speak of embracing one's unique path, transcending limitations, and connecting with the universe in a spiritual sense.

Newest Release: Bish I'm Divine

His newest single, "Bish I'm Divine" unveils a deep layer of meaning. Some that invite us to push through our struggles and come through a better person. Be's verses reveal a narrative of overcoming obstacles and expectations, ultimately arriving at a place of self-discovery and empowerment.

By embracing our "divine" nature, the song encourages us to reclaim our inner strength and develop a mindset that views challenges as opportunities for self-improvement. The song's confident tone and its underlying message become a powerful tool for listeners going through tough times.

This song is a reminder that beneath the struggles, maintain the mind, push through the rocks in the road, and you will rise transformed. Ultimately becoming stronger, wiser versions of ourselves. As the beats resonate and the lyrics unfold, "Bish I'm Divine" invites us to rise above, unshaken by life's storms, and emerge as empowered beings capable of exceeding any task

There's no denying the passion that fuels Be's artistry. Not only scratching the surface but digging into the roots of hip-hop and what it can be and become, Be stands as a shining example of an artist who remains true to their roots while continually pushing the boundaries of the genre. Keep an ear out for new music by Be and catch him live at the Lotus Gathering, December 8-11, 2023 in Brooksville Florida.



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