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In the Spotlight: Evan French Shares His Journey On SpinBin Magazine

Evan French 1

Evan French is not your average folk musician; he is an extraordinary talent, embodying folk genre with his skills as a singer, guitarist, and harmonica player. With each strum of his guitar, he creates melodies that capture the very essence of traditional folk music. Evan's smooth yet powerful vocals enchant his audience, as he effortlessly weaves stories through lyrics that strum the strings of their hearts. And when he brings out his harmonica, there is an undeniable energy that envelops the room.

Evan French has appeared in St Pete Florida as a multi-talented solo artist in the music scene. French's journey into his art of sound began at an early age when his grandfather gifted him a guitar. His from then, his talent embodied his ability to produce a great song. Alongside his avid guitar skills, Evan also performs with the harmonica giving a gentle folk sound to his music.

Evan French on Spotify

The Inspiration Behind Evan French

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French's music is illustrated in his live performances, with soul-stirring melodies and relaxing acoustics of guitar and harmonica that draw listeners into a calm and enjoyable experience. As a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and visionary, Evan French stands for the new wave of musicians in Florida.

Drawing inspiration from these iconic figures, French infuses his music with a refreshing blend of lyrical story-telling, and emotional depth. His musical inspiration dates back to the songs of Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, and Tom Waits.

Through his husky voice reminiscent of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed, with a distinct delivery and intricate guitar melodies alike Tom Waits' soul-stirring compositions, Evan develops compelling music that takes listeners on a journey. With lyrics exploring themes of love, loss, and personal growth, Evan French emerges as a powerful talent in the Florida folk scene who deserves every honor he receives.

Evan French is very active within the music scene of the Tampa Bay area playing a handful of live shows sharing his music and his story. Whether he's playing an intimate venue or commanding large stages, his music and his stage presence always captivate the crowds that he performs for.

Eyes On the Sky

As Evan French looks ahead to the future of his musical career, he envisions a landscape of creative exploration and growth. Fueled by his passion for his sound, he sees himself delving deeper into musical experimentation and pursuing a career in playing his original folk music. French aspires to collaborate with like-minded musicians, producers, and visionaries who share his commitment.

'Stole My Girl' Behind the Music

'Stole My Girl' song by Evan French on Spotify

"Stole My Girl," one of Evan French's standout compositions, is a sonic journey that intricately weaves together emotive storytelling and compelling musicality. With each note, French paints a vivid narrative that resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level.

"Stole My Girl" showcases French's ability to craft a song that is not only rich and soulful but also emotionally resonant, touching the hearts of those who truly listen and learn to understand French's music.

Check out Evan French's music video for 'Stole My Girl'

Evan French's artistic vision hits YouTube with his music video for "Stole My Girl." Click the link below to watch and make sure to stay tuned for more Evan French as he is constantly striving for the stars.

'Stole My Girl' music video on YouTube



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