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Mr. Clean the EP: Tidying Up the Charts


RockstarLiiife 1

The notorious RockstarLiiife, known for consistently delivering hot new tracks, has once again captivated us with his latest release. This time, he's brought his newest project, "Mr. Clean the EP," to streaming platforms everywhere. The EP features six songs, all non-explicit, showcasing his versatility as an artist by spanning three different genres. With this release, RockstarLiiife shows off his ability to innovate and engage a wide audience, demonstrating his versatility in the music industry.

Time to get Clean

The concept behind the creation of this EP was to produce a fully non-explicit project, a deliberate choice by RockstarLiiife. Throughout the EP, you'll notice that the genres of each song progressively get "cleaner," though some tracks might still have an "unclean" feel due to their genre. Take a listen for yourself:


RockstarLiiife kicks off his project with a bang, starting strong with his rap song "Toxic." This track embodies the "It's me and only me" mindset and the notion that "If you're not first, you're last," taking inspiration from a lifestyle he has since outgrown. "Toxic" is a bass-boosting, hard-hitting anthem that sets the tone for the wild ride of Mr. Clean the EP.


Originally released as a single, RockstarLiiife’s song “Overthinking” is a fun and upbeat song that I believe many including myself can relate to.

One of my personal favorites on the EP, Overthinking is something many fall into especially while stuck in the rut of where we are in life. This song reaches times when overthinking plans, friends, and situations led RockstarLiiife to a downward spiral in his life. You can hear more on the behind the scenes creation of his song “Overthinking” in our interview above.

Throw a Party

Just in time for the summer of 2024, RockstarLiiife drops "Throw a Party," his Project X to the Mr. Clean EP. This song is infused with the everlasting party vibes of Asher Roth's "I Love College" and other iconic hits from the early 2000s to 2010s. Whether you're at the beach or in the club, RockstarLiiife's "Throw a Party" is the perfect anthem to kick off your summer celebrations. Get ready to enjoy an unforgettable summer soundtrack with RockstarLiiife leading the charge.

Lightning in a Bottle (Feat. Palm Pact)

"Lightning in a Bottle" Featuring Ryan Rev & Euphemistic of Florida music group Palm Pact, the track combines an infectious chorus with a smooth beat that matches its vocals.

The production is polished, with energetic beats and mellow undertones, which brings out the voices in all of the artists on the track. The collaboration between RockstarLiiife and Palm Pact adds a layer of complexity to the song, as their voices contrast and complement each others, bringing up the song's impact within the EP.

I Got You

A track that touches the heart of the artist, "I Got You" speaks to the bliss of love and the addictive journey of falling into it. With his heartfelt lyrics over what reminds me of 90's - 2000's rock, RockstarLiiife's song captures the essence of fun young romance and the connection that comes with it. Don't miss out! Check out "I Got You" and let it take you on a journey through the highs and lows of love.


Bringing the project to a grand ending, RockstarLiiife delivers "Home" as the perfect outro. This soothing finale contrasts beautifully with the high-energy tracks played before it, particularly the fast-paced, beat-heavy "Toxic." The calm and reflective nature of "Home" provides a smooth closing to the EP, wrapping up the journey on a peaceful note.

RockstarLiiife 2

Throughout the EP, RockstarLiiife aimed to showcase the differences between genres and the raw energy they give without using explicit content. By moving from intense, bass-heavy tracks to a slow conclusion, he showcases that powerful music can be clean and compete with unclean and explicit heavy music. "Mr. Clean the EP" proves that clean music can hold the same impact and intensity as other music explicit based music styles, showing to his haters the versatility and creativity he holds as an artist.

Be sure to check out RockstarLiiife's new website at for the latest updates and releases. You can also stay connected with the rising rock star by following him on Instagram at @rockstarliiife. This is the best way to keep up with his journey and never miss a beat.



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