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The Mind Behind Tampa's Newest Poetry Book: El Loco Chacho

Javier Hernandez

As a fellow writer and creative, I am glad to have gotten the opportunity to sit with Tampa's newest creative, and author of the newly published horror poetry journal "El Loco Chacho", Javier Hernandez. Now available on Amazon, El Loco Chacho has been taking the Tampa area by storm sharing the love for a disappearing literature in a frightening light.

When was the last time a book truly moved you, challenged your perceptions, and stayed with you after you turned the last page? Javier Hernandez's "El Loco Chacho" promises to do just that.

Grab the light its getting DARK

Today, I got to explore the mind of this extraordinary poet and discover what the future of his poetry and illustration books may hold. In our conversation, Hernandez spoke candidly about his influences, citing R.L. Stein and Steven King as key inspirations. 

Javier Hernandez's journey as a poet began in the most unconventional of places. His early years in high school, Hernandez found his passion for writing. His early works were a reflection of his surroundings—raw, unfiltered, and deeply personal. As he matured, so did his writing, evolving into the complex and dark poetry book that is "El Loco Chacho."

The Making of the book "El Loco Chacho"


"El Loco Chacho" is not just a collection of poems and acronyms; it's an illustrated journey through the dark recesses of the human mind. Hernandez collaborated with his illustrator to bring his visions to life, each artwork meticulously crafted to complement the themes of his poetry. The result is a book that is as visually stunning as it is emotionally gripping.

"El Loco Chacho" represents a new step for poetry and illustration books. Hernandez believes that the future of literature lies in multimedia experiences that engage readers on multiple levels. Hernandez's vision extends beyond his work. He sees potential for other poets and artists to collaborate, breaking down the barriers between different forms of art.

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Don't Miss Out On El Loco Chacho!

"El Loco Chacho" holds the power of dark poetry and the potential of multimedia storytelling. Javier Hernandez has crafted a work that challenges traditional notions of poetry and makes way for future innovations in literature. 


Don't miss out on this groundbreaking work. Experience the haunting beauty of "El Loco Chacho" for yourself. Visit Amazon today to get your copy and join the conversation. How will Hernandez's dark poetry resonate with you? Share your thoughts and become part of the literary revolution. 

Let's embrace the darkness together and discover what lies within.


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