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UMA Bags US: Discover UMA In You

UMA represents strength, beauty, and empowerment. Hand-carved cypress wood and hand-stitched bags made by the Maroon Tribe in Suriname.


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Uma means "Woman" in the Surinamese language and represents strength, beauty, character, and empowerment. Behind every UMA Bag stands a woman who is proud of her heritage, looks, and culture.

UMA Bags are a joint creative brand of hand-carved and made by the women and men of the maroon tribes of Suriname. All bags consist of various fabrics and wooden handles crafted out of cedar wood. Each bag is a unique masterpiece.

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UMA Bag History and Origin

The people of the Maroon Tribe are the designers and makers of the wood-carved handles that characterize the uniqueness of each UMA Bag. Maroons are people of African descent who self-liberated from slavery and treated their own unique culture deep in the jungle of Suriname after escaping captivity.

In the pristine jungles of Suriname, the natives of the Maroon tribe developed skills such as wood carving and fabric stitching.

The art of woodcarving in their native tongue is called "Timbe". Timbe is the opportunity for the younger generation of Maroons to engage in sustainable livelihoods while maintaining their cultural heritage.

The craftsmanship behind each hand-carved piece tells a story. Once carved in spears and tools, as generations aged, the Maroons innovated a way to continue passing along the stories of their heritage by embedding them into modern fashion. Each hand-made bag is a masterpiece made by the hands of the whole village.

Supporting UMA Bags enables the younger generation of maroons to care for the nature of their tribe and embrace their traditions and culture.


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