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Warrior Zone 11: A Big Night of Fights in Tampa, Florida


June 1, 2024, out in Tampa Florida, Warrior Zone Productions and Olando’s Kickboxing Fitness hosted Warrior Zone 11, an electrifying showcase of combat sports that left the audience roaring. Held in the heart of Tampa, Florida, it featured a thrilling mix of boxing, kickboxing, and grappling matches to kick off the summer. 

Fight Night Recap

Warrior Zone 11 hit it off with an electrifying atmosphere as many fans attended, ready to witness the night's matchups. The event lived up to its reputation, showcasing the action, skill, and determination of each fighter. 

Fighter 1

Fight Card

  • Steven Confer vs. Rodney Hinton (Boxing)

  • Issac “The Promise” Paillere vs. Alex “eats with 2 hands” Cook (Boxing)

  • Max Austin vs. Ethan Brown (Boxing)

  • Bill “Bobblehead” Lewis vs. Joe Crowley (Kickboxing) [Main Event]

  • Jason Lease vs. Moose (Grappling)

Steven Confer vs. Rodney Hinton (Boxing)

The night began with a high-energy boxing match between Steven Confer and Rodney Hinton. Hinton displayed his power and technique, securing a second-round TKO victory setting the tone for the rest of the evening.

Issac “The Promise” Paillere vs. Alex “eats with 2 hands” Cook (Boxing)

In the #FightOfTheNight, Issac “The Promise” Paillere faced off against Alex “Eats With 2 Hands” Cook. Both fighters put on a spectacular show, exchanging heavy blows and demonstrating impressive resilience. Paillere's technique and stamina earned him a unanimous decision victory after three grueling rounds, leaving fans on the edge of their seats throughout the match.

Max Austin vs. Ethan Brown (Boxing)

Next, Max Austin took on Ethan Brown in a match that showcased Austin's impressive boxing skills. His relentless pressure and sharp combinations proved too much for Brown. Max Austin walked away with a decisive victory, starting off his fighting career with a bang, with his first match ending up in a WIN.

Bill “Bobblehead” Lewis vs. Joe Crowley (Kickboxing) [Main Event]

FIghter 2

The main event featured Bill “Bobblehead” Lewis against Joe Crowley in a kickboxing showdown that had the entire venue wild with anticipation. Lewis delivered a stunning performance, landing a powerful southpaw knockout punch in the second round that left Crowley unable to continue. This spectacular victory earned Lewis the Warrior Zone Belt and the #PerformanceOfTheNight. The crowd went wild as Lewis celebrated his hard-earned win. 

Jason Lease vs. Moose (Grappling)

The grappling match between Jason Lease and Moose displayed technical skill and strategy. Moose's strength and grappling skill set were deemed evident, securing his victory. The crowd was locked into the intense ground battle, supporting the high level of skill exhibited by both fighters.

The atmosphere at Warrior Zone 11 was nothing short of phenomenal. The crowd was fully engaged, cheering loudly for each fighter and creating a wild environment that added to the excitement of every match. 

Warrior Zone 11 showcased the best of combat sports, from explosive boxing matches to technical grappling battles. 

The event promotion was held by Warrior Zone Productions and Olando’s Kickboxing & Gym. Warrior Zone 11 set the bar for their future amateur MMA events, with fans and fighters awaiting the next tournament to get a spot in the action.

Also a huge shoutout to Red Eye Gorillas and Homegrown MMA for the opportunity to cover this event!


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