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Heartbreak Records: The Heart of Boston's HipHop Scene

Boston-based record label Heartbreak Records has been making waves in the Hip-Hop industry. Known for their focus on showcasing raw and emotionally charged music, Heartbreak Records has quickly become a staple in Boston among music lovers who appreciate authenticity and vulnerability in their artists. In this exclusive interview with Spinbin Magazine, we sit down with the founders of Heartbreak Records to discuss the label's unique approach to music, their journey so far, and what the future holds for the rising stars.

The Dynamic Force Behind Heartbreak Records

Heartbreak Records, a tight-knit team, is now on an unstoppable roll with their dedication and shared passion for music. Founded by a group of young music enthusiasts, the label emerged from a shared love for their local music and artists.

FIZ, also known as Sam, hails from Brookline MA, and at 15 years old, he's making waves as a lyrical/alternative rapper and producer. Together with Mocha, a 16-year-old rapper from Dorchester MA, FIZ co-founded HBR back in 2019. Mocha draws inspiration from Chance the Rapper, fueling his artistic journey.

FlowerySpeech, also known as Michael, is an 18-year-old talent from Dorchester MA. Not only does he manage HBR, but he also contributes to the Boston Compass and explores his creativity through experimental music.

Drawing from their outlooks on today's music, these young visionaries are on a mission to create a platform that would amplify the voices of artists who come with the same determination.

The Inspiring Beginnings of Heartbreak Records

Formed when its founders were still in middle school, the label has risen through the ranks, in the cutthroat entertainment/music industry. Their youthful energy and fresh perspective boost every aspect of their work, from scouting talented artists to dropping new releases under the label.

This dynamic team operates like a well-oiled machine, mastering their strengths and complementing one another's skills to create a strong stance in the Boston music scene.

Fueled by their shared vision and determination, they continue to push boundaries and set new standards, earning the respect and admiration of both artists and industry professionals alike.

Boston's Hip-Hop Horizon: Heartbreak Records' Vision for the Future

Heartbreak Records holds high sights for the future of Boston's Hip Hop scene, envisioning a community that thrives on collaboration and coordination. With a deep appreciation for the diverse talents within the city, the label aims to promote an environment where artists come together, share resources, and elevate one another.

By promoting more coordination among local artists, Heartbreak Records believes that Boston can become a powerhouse of innovation in the Hip Hop genre. They are committed to making connections, organizing events, and providing platforms where artists can showcase their skills.

Another valuable source to hear more about New England's very own rising talent is by following up on Heartbreak News. A curated platform that showcases local hip-hop artists, highlights upcoming events and provides insightful articles and interviews.

Subscribe today for an annual membership to the Heartbreak News and receive a monthly edition delivered right to your doorstep, keeping you updated with the latest news and stories.

The Art of Signing Artists at Heartbreak Records

With an eye for unique talent and a passion for artistic growth, the label's team forms strong partnerships with their artists, creating a collaborative environment where creativity is endless and musical boundaries are pushed.

Heartbreak Records maintains its pursuit of signing fresh talent, consistently seeking new artists to join. While they particularly value young artists from the Boston area, Heartbreak Records encourages musicians from all backgrounds to reach out and share their work. Regardless of your location or age, they eagerly await the opportunity to listen to your sound.

For further information, feel free to reach out to Heartbreak Records by sending them a direct message on Instagram or contacting them via email at

From the Heart: Boston's Beloved Music Podcast Uniting Artists and Audience

At the heart of Heartbreak Records' commitment to supporting and promoting emerging artists was their groundbreaking stream: "From The Heart" Boston's local music review podcast featuring hosts FIZ, Mocha, and FlowerySpeech.

Recognizing the talent hidden within their local music scene, the label has launched this podcast as a platform to showcase the diversity of the Boston music community. New episodes play every Saturday at 9:30 AM on and Spotify!

With dedication to authenticity, the podcast has become a beacon for up-and-coming artists seeking exposure and recognition. Each episode features in-depth reviews of local artists' latest releases, providing insightful commentary, constructive feedback, and genuine appreciation for the artistry and craft behind their music.

This podcast not only connects artists with a wider audience but also promotes a sense of community, creating a space where artists can learn from one another and grow together. It quickly gained a loyal following, both within the local music scene and beyond, establishing Heartbreak Records as New England's go-to resource for discovering the next generation of musical talents.

If you're a hip-hop/R&B artist from New England looking to be featured, reach out to them at @FTH_Review_Show on Instagram, Links in buttons below.

Embrace the Vintage Vibes and Support Rising Artists

Heartbreak Records takes a refreshing retro approach to merchandising, embracing physical formats in an increasingly digital world. With a nod to nostalgia, they offer a range of merchandise that includes cassette tapes, vinyl records, and CDs, allowing fans to enjoy the music while supporting and connecting with their favorite artist.

Heartbreak Records understands the significance of physical merchandise, as it becomes a memento of an artist's growth and success, making the experience of supporting a rising star all the more meaningful.

Explore Heartbreak Records' online shop! From vintage-inspired cassette tapes and vinyl records to exclusive CDs, their shop allows fans to dive deeper into the world of their favorite rising stars.

Heartbreak Records Speaks From the Heart

With an impressive track record and an unstoppable drive to innovate, Heartbreak Records is on the way to even greater achievements as they continue to expand the Boston music scene.

Heartbreak Records stands as a testament to the power of passion, youth, and persistence in the music industry. With their unique vision, support for artists, and innovative takes on entrepreneurship, they continue to make a lasting impact, leaving a mark on the hearts of both artists and fans alike.



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