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Jason Lease and His Journey to the Ring

Jason Lease Fighter 1

Jason Lease, 22-years-old making significant strides in combat sports on his journey to the ring. Growing up in Maryland, Jason always needed to defend himself, a skill he believed was essential. His young lifestyle of fighting led him to embrace combat sports for a lifestyle change. It wasn't until he moved to Florida that he discovered the structured sport of MMA fighting. Here, he found a legal and disciplined way to channel his energy, leading him to pursue boxing, and grappling.


Recent and Upcoming Fights

Jason's recent experience at Warrior Zone 11 was a challenge showing his perseverance and skill. Despite a tough match against Moose, which ended in a loss, Jason demonstrated incredible strength and put on a thrilling show for the audience. Turning this challenging situation into a learning experience for future matches to solidify he'll one day be on top.

Looking ahead, Jason is gearing up for the highly anticipated BMF (Baddest MotherF*#@er) title match on July 28th. On a rampage for the title, come out to watch multiple fighters go to war to be the best.

Training and Preparation

Jason trains with Real Cage Fighting, a team that has been instrumental in his development since January 2023.

His training partners push him to his limits, guaranteeing he is always prepared for the next challenge.

Among the different MMA styles he has trained in, the arm bar seems to be his signature pin move during grappling matches. The focus on his strategy has helped him develop a unique and effective fighting style.

Jason Lease on the Challenges of Being the Underdog

Throughout his career, Jason has faced numerous challenges, the most significant being the struggle to overcome the label of an underdog. Despite being underestimated, he has consistently worked hard to establish himself as a serious contender in the sport.

Future Goals

Jason Lease Fighter 2

Jason’s goal is clear: he is determined to become a professional fighter and become a fighter in the UFC in the next 5 years. Every training session, every fight, and every setback is a step towards this goal. He is ready to give everything he has to achieve his dream, demonstrating a respected dedication to the sport.



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