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Spaceboy-J: Amplifying His Sound On the Way to the Top

Spaceboy-J musical artist
Spaceboy-J, SpinBin Magazine Featured Artist

Florida native musician Spaceboy-J is out bringing his southern Hip-Hop style to the humbling New York scene.

Associated with Daydreamy vocals and lyrics, this independent artist and SpinBin feature is a producer, rapper, and singer/songwriter who impresses wherever he goes.

From Florida to New York, he is on a mission looking to take his music career to the next level and reach new crowds.

Discover SpinBin Featured Artist Spaceboy-J Here:

Where Did the Name Spaceboy-J Come From?

When I'd show up to work, my old co-worker would see me and always say as I got out of my car "Spaceboy, hopping out of the space jet." It's ironic how I got my name from someone who isn't into Hip-Hop Music.

What Made You Begin Making Music?

The solo artist began uploading his songs to music-sharing sites as a young teen in 2014. Since then Spaceboy-J has put out 3 EPs, 12 singles, and 2 albums on Spotify totaling 53 original songs produced by the artist himself.

When I was a kid, my mom had a keyboard piano. Learning and playing piano gave me an outlet for my energy and love for music.

Through the support of his classmates and friends, Spaceboy learned how to freestyle during lunch over beats made by other high school students. Practicing his flow and wordplay, he has grown to put out music and albums that can give mainstream musicians a run for their money.

What Kind Of Music Do You Post?

With the ability to rap and sing, if there is a vibe to catch, Spaceboy has a song that can match the motion.

There's always a separation in my mind when I'm about to post music. Is it Finished? Edited to perfection? What vibe am I trying to catch?

Are There Other Genres That You Plan On Expanding To?

Reaching different genres both singing and rapping, so far hip-hop and R&B music, he is looking to eventually expand his capabilities to rock with thrash metal influence.

I'd like to try a little of everything.

Unable to be contained to a single genre, Spaceboy is looking to find his true sound and continues to experiment as he advances into his music career.

What is Your Inspiration While Making Music?

Driven by the feeling his music brings, "The head bop and infamous stank face," many of his songs derive from personal experiences or emotions which gives his fans a sense of relatability to the music Spaceboy releases.

It's more like a feeling, sometimes I don't even have words, just a melody, I have to write it out until it comes out exactly how I heard it in my mind.

What Was Your Process in Forming Your Album BITTERSWEET?

The album is a combination of experiences with different kinds of people. From friends to relationships, it is an album of storylines of the ones in my life.

Spaceboy-J is catching attention with his most recent album on Spotify BITTERSWEET!

You can follow up on Spaceboy-J and his rise to the top by listening to more of his music. Now on the New York scene; locals, prepare for an upcoming artist who is ready to get the party started.

Watch Spaceboy-J's Music Video for "Pressure: Ft YoshiTheDon"


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