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SpinBin Music Featured Artist: Submerge Society

Submerge Society
Submerge Society, SpinBin Magazine Featured Artist

Introducing our featured SpinBin artist Submerge Society.

Submerge Society here on the SpinBin Mag scene, on the rise, and Always In Rotation. An MC with a lyrical path that is treading mountains to the peak of the music industry.

A musician who can take control and not only put on a show-stopping performance but also make his audience a part of it as well. SpinBin Magazine, bringing you an inside look at our featured artist Submerge Society.

From places you've lived in the past, what knowledge have you gathered from those areas?

From his beginnings in Boston Massachusetts to his individuality in Arizona, now hitting the underground music scene that is popping up in Tampa Florida, Submerge Society met with SpinBin Magazine to bring an inside look at the rising artist.

"Freedom to travel alone has led me to be comfortable with myself. As an MC it has allowed me to be adventurous wherever I go."

Being an MC and Mastering the Ceremony

Artist, Submerge Society takes the task of an MC to a new level. While many see the role of an MC as one who conducts an event, he is here to give his perspective on what it means to master a ceremony:

"I will master every ceremony that I am a part of until I have a piece of the organization, a piece of the power, a piece of conducting how things should go."

Honing the ability to grasp any event, Submerge Society shows up and shows out making his fans part of the performance. While on stage, you can catch this eccentric MC interacting with the crowd or freestyling along with them.

Check out Submerge Society collaborating with his audience:

Submerge Society: The Meaning Behind the Name

"Submerge Society is an understanding of yourself internally. Your emotional, physical, and psychological state. Submerging them into the moment where you can take control ."

What is your inspiration behind your music?

Many searches to be the first to do what hasn't been done while there is still so much to be said. Currently, artists speak their music through situations that have been said and done, where artist Submerge Society searches to reach topics many may never think about covering.

"My inspiration is having truth behind the music. A lot of ideas in the era I grew up listening to Emcees, I consider to be honest."

Tone Def: Music Video Out On YouTube

Tone Def is about being "off-key" with the rest of society. Where you are in your state of mind where all else is irrelevant to your path and mindset. The wardrobe for the video was produced by other local brands of like-minded and driven individuals. Check out "Tone Def" by Submerge Society on YouTube a NASOAIGO Production:

Presented by NASOAIGO Production

Music Produced by Vynez with Black Lotus Productions

Hear more original music by SpinBin featured artist Submerge Society on SoundCloud:

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