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LED The Collective, Spinning Up the Game

LED The Collective

LED The Collective 1

SpinBin Magazine Interviewer Ian Delia interviewed with LED The Collective on Instagram Live to give their fans a behind-the-scenes look at the band and how they work together. LED The Collective, is a group of passionate, talented musicians that have come together to become more in their music career. 9 individuals can collaborate on any song that comes to them.

Ledthecollective Dropped their first EP in 2019 “LedLITE”, a 3 song EP to kick off their first drop as a group. After June 2019, Led took a huge turn and the thought began to slip. Until December 2019 when Leader DeFRocco and Co-leader Lil Beep sparked the idea of bringing Ledthecollective back to life with all artists collaborating with Lil Beep to drop his 2nd Album “Westview Vol 1” and that would start the journey of Ledthecollective. December 2020 they signed their Co Leader Aaron Skt, then moved on dropping “Led vs. Wrld Vol 1.” that year and Expect the unexpected in 2021

What sets LED The Collective apart from other music groups?

With music that can match any mood and collaborations like never before, the collective’s interworking is bigger than any music group, they are a family at heart.

What has been the most memorable feedback the group has received?

The emotional support their music brings to their fans means everything to the group. From the once-in-a-while listeners to their avid fans, LED The Collective brings security in some of their songs and parties in others through the intense range of genres that their music reaches out to.

How has the group’s live performance evolved, and what can fans expect from LED The Collective live?

LED The Collective 2

With songs that reach their fans, letting loose and headbanging at LED Live as the hyped crowd anyone wishes to be a part of. The rowdy crowd led to LED being banned from the nightclub, yet they still put on the show they promised, an experience they will remember.

As their member, King Vick, who was part of the group's audience at their live performance, “Almost immediately, it went from a calm club to everyone moshing and screaming the lyrics. It was a complete atmospheric change”

Upcoming projects and collaborations that LED The Collective have coming?

With 9 Members currently making music, there are plenty of new LED songs that have dropped recently or are soon to come, check out what is coming to streaming platforms soon. #LilBeepAproved



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