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Red Eye Gorillas Bring the Runway to the Octagon at WCFL 37

WCFL Poster
WCFL 37 The Great American Bash Promo Poster

Last Saturday night, June 29, 2024, The Flor Hotel in Tampa, Florida, hosted a groundbreaking event that seamlessly blended the worlds of high fashion and mixed martial arts. With a wild crowd lucky to have witnessed this unique collab during the Red Eye Gorilla’s runway show in collaboration with the World Class Fighting League (WCFL).

The WCFL 37 MMA tournament in collaboration with Red Eye Apparel had a huge night out in Tampa, Florida hosting the first-ever Runway / MMA Fashion & Fight night, showing off their new line of M/F clothing to mix and match to fit your style. For the first time, the octagon was repurposed as an unconventional runway, set against the thrilling backdrop of an MMA tournament. This innovative setup set a new bar for creativity and boldness in event planning.

Runway Designers and Collections

RedEyeGorillas Logo

The spotlight shone on Red Eye Gorillas, a key player in Tampa's uprising, known for their wild industry presence, their style-defining clothing brand, and mental health awareness for the community. Their new collection boasted stylish pieces, including shirts, pants, sets, polos, and ski masks. The brand's edgy urban style took the audience by surprise, solidifying their rapidly growing popularity. Running the stage with his uprising models, and representing his new releases to a rowdy crowd, reaching new heights and a wide audience.

Baby Gorillas

BabyGorillas Model
Messiah, young brand model for Baby Gorillas Apparel
BabyGorillas Logo

Adding a delightful touch, Baby Gorillas showcased its playful and trendy children's clothing line. Young models Skye, Jasmerie, Avery, and Messiah charmed the audience with their adorable runway walks, adding warmth to the evening and new style for the younger crowd. Family-friendly and school-friendly brand Baby Gorillas is here to make sure your new school fit is on your side, exclusively sold in store!

At the Red Eye Gorillas runway show, you can explore a wide variety of clothing options modeled by their talented team. To see their complete collection and discover even more, visit their website at You can also visit their store located in Tampa, FL, where you can see and try on the best choices for yourself!

REG clothes

Unforgettable Highlights

As always, Red Eye Gorillas is making monumental moves at the shop and on the runway. In a huge collab with his branded fashion shows and combat sports events, they put on a night to remember. The night featured their mix of fashion and fighting. 

Models from Red Eye Gorillas and Baby Gorillas made four spectacular entrances throughout the matches, each met with a crowd of applause. The audience was thrilled to get an exclusive look at the latest trends from these new-school brands, while the MMA matchups gave adrenaline-pumping entertainment.

Hell of an Atmosphere

WCFL Main Event Fighters
A brutal main even fight at WCFL between (W) Robert McElroy vs Brayton Young

The atmosphere was heightened with the excitement filled with MMA fans ready for cage fights. The octagon, typically the battleground for these fighters, made way for The Red Eye models to walk. With the help of a few people, the warzone transformed into the runway, with next year's styles descending from the stairs to take the stage at the center of the cage. Dramatic lighting, stage setup, and event planning made each entrance throughout the night of high-octane fights incredible.

The fusion of fashion and combat sports returned rave reviews from attendees and media alike. The event showcased where both industries meet their mutual matchups, leaving the audience excited for the next innovative collaboration between Red Eye Gorillas and WCFL.



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