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Vynez: The Samurai of Hip-Hop

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Discover SpinBin's Featured Artist: Vynez

Vynez: The Samurai of Hip-Hop
SpinBin's featured Artist Vynez: The Samurai of Hip-Hop.





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SpinBin's featured artist is making noise with his original music releases: When Ur Down, Hara-Kiri, Control, and his Spotify debut album Reup2.0, a ten-track album featuring original and remastered tracks from his 2011 album Transcendence.

Hear top tracks by Vynez below

Tampa Bay, Florida, Hip Hop artist and producer, Vynez reaches his fans with his lyrically inclined flows and harmonic vocals. Here we have met with him to look inside SpinBin's newest feature and what he has coming soon to music streaming platforms.

When Did You First Get Your Ambition For Music?

"I would recite different songs and lyrics that I heard until my friend convinced me to try and make a track of my own."

Starting his musical journey young, at age 12, he decided to find a way to record his music off cassette tapes and a beat loop on an electric keyboard.

Learning the audio technology as it developed into the tools we use today, Vynez took advantage of his audio systems and software knowledge and began producing his music.

Are There Any Genres You Are Looking To Explore To?

Vynez takes advantage of Hip Hop's ability to blend genres and often branches out to R&B, Alternative Rock, and Heavy Metal.

"I want to dabble in heavy metal, Rock, Lo-fi, Jazz, and possibly trap after I over a few more beats."

Fans compare his music to artists such as Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Tech N9ne, 112, and Korn.

What Audience Is Your Music Focused Towards?

As Vynez has grown his fanbase and developed his brand, his primary audience is people who have similar interests as himself.

"My ideal audience is someone who likes anime, kung-fu movies, comic books, and listens to Hip-Hop."

What Do You Like Most About Playing Live?

The Hip-Hop artist has been recognized at many local shows, circulating his energy throughout the crowd at every venue.

"The adrenaline is amazing while playing live. The energy the crowd gives off is an amazing feeling."

Bringing a good time and giving back to the crowd that deserves a show worth watching. Being transparent and getting the crowd hype along with him is a scene Vynez lives for.

What Have You Learned From Doing Many Collaborations With Other Artists?

Currently featured on numerous collaborations across multiple singles and albums:

Vynez outsources his capabilities to many different musicians showing talent under many different genres.

"I work with other artists often to promote diversity within the music. The people and the vibe they carry with them can become an extraordinary collaboration."

Coming soon, Vynez will be holding a contest for available spots for his "Cypher Blessing 2" project. 'Cypher Blessing' [Feat Jon Blaq, Mz Nokz, Vision Platnum, Mr. Muzik, King Conrad] on his album Reup2.0 was a project promoting different sounds on one track.

Stay up-to-date with Vynez and his contest by following up on his social media listed above.

What Is The Process Of Working Part Of Rap Group OL' MadNess?

With all Vynez has produced and co-produced on Spotify since 2018, his goal is to rise along with his music team OL' MadNess.

"OL' Madness started as a collective inspired by Wu-Tang and other old-school rap groups, and we grew from there."

OL' MadNess is a southern Shaolin Hip-Hop collective comprised of Vynez, DJ Earl Grae, TDP Boba Fatsax, Dun-Dee Willie E, Barabbas Tha MC, Jimbo Shrump, Kang Tha Conqueror, and Producer Mace Indo.

'The Duel' A Visual Album Coming April 2023

'The Duel' coming April 2023 is an upcoming album that will be more than a playlist posted to stream and listen to. Hip-Hop artist Vynez combines his music and visual arts skills to bring his newest album to life.

'The Duel' includes artwork of a fictional character who is a lone samurai out for vengeance from an elaborate story, Dreadlock Samurai.

The Duel touches on subjects that deal with personal battles within yourself between good and evil.

Also coming to the album is Vynez's song "When Ur Down." A Hip-Hop hit with a rap flow and melodic vocals keep you attached, along with a hook that keeps your finger attached to the replay button.

The outstanding production of this song balances the energy and beauty of the track and the acoustics, which bring along a melodic masterpiece. A unique layout of instrumentals and textured piano riffs bleed along with the lyrics and melody.

Vynez: Music Meets Visual Arts

Dreadlock Samurai
Dreadlock Samurai, Vynez's alter ego and main character in the upcoming visual album 'The Duel.'

As Vynez continues working on his music for the soon-to-come album, he also works on his visual arts abilities, such as drawing, painting, and graphic arts.

Musician Vynez desires to incorporate this ability into his music in the form of his alter ego. Vincent LaRosa, an anime character he created who currently plays the role of a lone samurai in his music from time to time.

With passion and dedication, Vynez is determined to fulfill his role in artistry and increase the level of his creativity.

Want To Find Out More About Our SpinBin Featured Artist?

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Some may say Vynez is a force to be reckoned with; others say he is ahead of the crusade holding himself with the honor of a samurai.

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