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“WISH” on Blu-ray

Wish on Blu-Ray
Wish on Blu-Ray

Wish upon this star if you are a young lady or a mom with adolescents who would be enchanted as the music is splendid and the animation superb. The story has been told time and time again, but the twist here does make it fun entertainment.

The story centers on teen Asha who loves her village of people who live in it. Her devotion to her family and grandfather is impeachable. And he is about to celebrate his centennial birthday. Each year King Magnifico grants one wish from all those who have requested one in his Kingdom. Asha’s grandfather has never wished and wanted him to be chosen. While pondering over it, a star falls from the sky. Could this be the one thing that will make it all happen? But there is a sinister plot involved and it concerns all the wishes that have been captured and held in the castle.

Wish 1
A scene from WISH 2023. © 2023 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

The music is splendid as usual and Disney provides a good measure of it in Wish. The seven original songs from “Knowing What I Know Now” to the title song, make the animated film enchanting and fun to watch. Even at the end, you will be treated to a performance of “When You Wish Upon a Star”. The song is the basic theme of Disneyworld and is originally from the movie Pinocchio. It will bring back memories for everyone who watches the film.

Bonus features on the Blu-ray/DVD release will include:

  • Sing Along With The Movie – Sing along with your favorite songs while watching the movie with on-screen lyrics.

  • Once Upon A Studio (8:48) – Beloved characters from Disney Animation’s 100 Years come together for an unforgettable reunion.

  • 100 Years In The Making (1:04:15) – The Inside story on the making of Wish

  • WISH D-Classified (6:27) – WISH is filled with references and nods to other Disney films from the studio’s 100-year legacy. From hidden Mickeys to more subtle tributes, you may have caught many of them, but check out this “D-Classified” piece for ones you may have missed.

  • Outtakes (2:44) – Step inside the recording booth with the brilliant and talented actors of WISH for some creative fun as they bring their characters to life.

  • Deleted Song “A Wish Worth Making” (2:54) – Directors Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn introduce this poignant song sung by Saba Sabino (voiced by Victor Garber) expressing what it’s like to be reunited with your one true wish.

  • Deleted Scenes (22:06) – Check out some scenes that didn’t make the Final Cut.

Wish 2
A scene from WISH 2023. © 2023 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Song Selection – Jump to your favorite musical moments, with on-screen lyrics.

  1. Welcome to Rosas (2:20)

  2. At All Costs (3:00)

  3. This Wish (3:18)

  4. I’m A Star (3:18)

  5. This Is The Thanks I Get?! (3:16)

  6. Knowing What I Know Now (3:18)

  7. This Wish (Reprise) (2:48)

Additional Film Information:

Cast: Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine, Evan Peters, and Alan Tudyk

Directed by: Chris Buck, Fawn Veerasunthorn

Written by: Jennifer Lee, Allison Moore

Genre: Musical, Animation,

MPAA Rating: PG

Running Time: 1 hr. 32 min.

Release Date: March 12, 2024

Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Released in: 4k Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD



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