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Demi How You Feelin?: Whereisdemi x SpinBin Mag

Demi 1

The music industry and the newest trends involved change daily. One factor that hasn't changed much for music's Mainstream and Underground scenes is the grind an artist puts into making each song. Speaking from his experiences of hard knocks to musical passion, Rapper/Producer Whereisdemi has made his way onto SpinBin Magazine to tell the story of his life and grind to become the hard-hitting rapper he is today.

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Have You Seen Demi?

Whereisdemi's journey into the music industry begins from where many see it to be hopeless, but that's not where you’ll find Demi.

Growing up in foster care, music was a shared inspiration across the unit, his childhood he explained as cutscenes of freestyling in the bathroom, late night solo sessions in his room, to working and collaborating with other producers and artists.

His trek into the music industry has a lot to tell and it's only at its beginnings.

Behind His Beats

As an underground producer, Demi is very experimental while making his beats. His car is often a makeshift studio where he dissects each layer of instrumentals, tones, and synths used in professionally mixed beats that inspire his own.

Demi 2

Speaking more about how listening closely to each track with the kick of car stereo speakers helps unravel each sound within the song. From the differences in the bass lines to the changes in the snares, he explains how he analyzes each element interacting within the song.

You can see Demi's beat-making process in his IG live studio sessions, where he shows the process of producing a beat for his projects or other songs he is a part of, breaking it down for his fans to watch and engage in LIVE.

SpinBin's Fan Favorite: "FY!" Next Big Hit

"FY!", one of Demi's many high-energy singles dropped in 2022. Beginning with a simple hook of a retro 1960s Newport Cigarettes commercial, brought in with a hard-hitting baseline and hyped lyrics that can make an empty club go wild.

The track is all about the vibe of the moment, “I plan to make what you would hear being played at the club,” he explains.

Whereisdemi Going to be Next?

Looking ahead, Whereisdemi has a year packed full of projects lined up for us. He hints at collaborations with other underground artists, bringing in new sounds from features his fans have yet to hear from. Also on its way this year, Demi has multiple live shows coming up. For the chance to see him live pushing the boundaries of mainstream rap and club music.

With features including...

Including the possibility of more surprise features, but good and bad news, all good things must wait. As the year continues, stay tuned into Whereisdemi and follow his rise to hit-list tracks and top tire collaborations.

Prepare for Takeoff! Stay Locked in @Demis_Wrld

Demi 3

The underground music scene is more than a launchpad for new music and emerging talent. What many hit artists have learned from the non-stop grind of the underground music industry has brought music to what has become today. Follow the right crowd in the search for Demi, find him on Instagram @demis_wrld, tune into his live videos and studio sessions, and stream his top songs showcased on Spotify. What’s the next beat you want to hear Whereisdemi hop on? Drop a comment for the artist, At SpinBin Magazine we are "Always In Rotation!"


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