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SpinBin Magazine Interview with Newfound Solo Artist, Justin Bruno

Justin Bruno Live

An unspoken star in the hip-hop game ready to make a stance and rise in the music industry. The SpinBin scene brings you Tampa Florida singer, songwriter, and record producer, Justin Bruno. With his passion-driven music and meaningful lyrics, his music has a head-bopping vibe.

Justin Bruno is driven by the emotions his listeners experience with his music, he gives his fans the hope to experience growth and pursue their passions no matter the risk.

Justin Bruno Pursuing His Dream His Way

Previously known as ZZVICIO, now beginning a new path under his birth name. "I want to make music that is more true to my sound. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time." After spending two years in the studio, with guru producer Austin Coupe and his brother John Bruno, his new solo project was born.

Following his beginnings in hip-hop under the name ZZVICIO, Justin started to experiment by bringing in aspects of his childhood inspirations to his music such as The Rolling Stones, Maroon 5, Howling Wolf, Van Halen, James Brown, and John Mayer to craft a new polished and hybrid sound.

Singing, writing, and producing songs along a synthesizer-laden blend of genres, passion-fueled melodies, and the odd screaming guitar riffs to engulf listeners in a sound that tells a deeply personal story. "I make music to inspire growth in my listeners. Having sincere authenticity in my music is what makes it meaningful to me" Music is always changing and new genres are discovered around every corner. Looking to his future Justin Bruno plans to expand his genre choice to new capabilities.

More Than A Singer

Justin Bruno 1

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, and drummer Justin Bruno began his dream of being a musician at the age of six. Playing drums along with his older brother and guitarist John Bruno. "I taught myself to learn drums and guitar. I started playing when I was young and have been growing ever since." He reflected.

Growing up playing the drums alongside his brother, Justin grew obsessed with solid grooves and developed an ear for blood-pumping hooks immediately, soon after that translated into projects throughout his teenage years.

Where Has Justin Bruno Been Until Now?

Since his beginning in the music industry at the age of 12, Justin has been a part of a few bands playing drums, guitar, or as a lead singer.

"I have played in many bands as a drummer or singer: Apnea, Agerasia, Green Haven, Zzvicio, and now Justin Bruno"

Discover Justin Bruno's band history below:

What Is Coming Up This Year For Justin Bruno?

As Justin expands his solo music career, he plans to continue hosting events to help other artists grow their fanbase through his live shows.

Justin Bruno is eager to give back to the community with his upcoming events and concerts planned for this year including touring with hip-hop/rap artist POORSTACY, as well as the Justin Bruno Music & Arts Festival returning for its second year.

Justin Bruno Poor Stacy

There is a big year ahead for Justin Bruno fans with many chances to see him live! "More music, More videos, More content, More connection with my fans. I plan to be here, be me, and hopefully touch some of my fans' lives." the artist stated during our interview.

The newfound solo artist is eager to get to know his growing fanbase being more active with his followers on and off of his social media.

Stay in tune with Justin Bruno by following him on social media.

Justin Bruno's Debut Single "Mess It Up" Out Now!

Out now with his newest single "Mess It Up" a song that makes you want to leave your day job and live life the way you want.

Justin Bruno Mess it Up

"Check on my bank statements, lower than my payments, work at 9 I hate it, home life I can't maintain it, sometimes I get frustrated, I guess I could face it... But I'll go mess it up!"

In his new song, Justin Bruno explains the changes he's made to his daunting 9-5 lifestyle, his aspirations to be more, and how he is now pursuing his dream career his way so he can live big.

To hear more music by Justin Bruno, check out Zzvicio below:

Zzvicio Top Tracks

Also featured on tracks, albums, and EPs with Spaceboy-J, Yohanson, Light Skin Marcus, Q.Louve, MVO, and Cyniical.

Don't forget to check back for more music and video drops by the upcoming artist and follow him on his new journey

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